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For those of you who might find it interesting, my story begins as many others do - I started to learn the violin at the age of 8 at school. My mother had tried to teach me piano, but I don't think I found the instrument particularly appealing and she thought I should play an instrument I could take to orchestra (which I certainly did). I had just 20minutes a week at school, then moved to longer private lessons, changed teacher 3 years later and stayed with him from ages 11-18 and then flew off to the Royal Academy of Music....and my biography page takes over the story from there! I definitely knew I wanted to be a violinist very soon after picking it up. In fact, in my 'Leavers Book' at aged 11 (about 2.5years into learning) I state firmly that "I want to be a violin teacher (and hopefully a soloist too)". And I can safely say that I've achieved those aspirations (although my current aspirations are rather more detailed)!

I held the Meaker Fellowship for Solo Violin at the Royal Academy of Music (2013/14) where I coached students at RAM and at Kings College London, and assisted Professor Remus Azoitei. In 2004 I was awarded a Licenciate of the Royal Academy of Music - a teaching diploma recognising the study of the principles of teaching. I teach all ages and all levels of the violin: I have taught beginners who are aged 4 and also aged 30! I also love teaching advanced students and those aspiring to head to Music Conservatoire/University. I currently have pupils in the National Children's Orchestra and National Youth String Orchestra. 


In my teaching I believe in nurturing not only technical and musical abilities, but also building the self-confidence, self-belief and general self-awareness of the student. This can mean using someone's eccentricities to produce beautiful musical ideas, bring a shy child out of their shell etc. Every person is unique, and thus my lessons are tailored for each student to ensure that he/she responds to the teaching and continuously progresses.


Whether the level is beginner (where we work more on the basics and having fun with music) or advanced (extremely detailed work on areas including technical awareness, musical interpretation etc) I do my utmost to engage and inspire the student.


I teach from my home in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. If you are interested in having a consultation lesson with me, please use the contact page of the website.





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